The recent Fortune/Kaiser article "Death by a thousand clicks" highlighted the current terrible user experience in healthcare; it's not only impacting healthcare professionals, but also patients. If you've been a patient recently, you may have noticed that your physician spends half of his/her time looking at a computer screen, clicking and typing. Therefore, most agree that action is required to address this problem.

To work towards a solution to address "Death by 1,000 (1K) clicks epidemic", we invite the entire community to engage in the conversation we are launching #EndKlicksEpidemic.

We focus on creating an entirely different user experience with ezCDS, our clinical decision support product. We believe that voice, conversational interfaces and natural language are a solution to #EndKlicksEpidemic.

However, we don't have all the answers and we cannot solve this "epidemic" across the entire healthcare vertical by ourselves. We would like instead to help define this major challenge, identify and prioritize the areas that need to be addressed urgently. Therefore, we seek input on 3 main topics. By July 2019, we plan on publishing a summary of your feedback, so that the technology community can focus on building the right solutions for your relevant problems.


Your experience with current clinical decision support systems

E.g. which step is most time consuming/frequent that is most ineffective and repetitive?


Your challenges with other types of clinical software systems

E.g. which part of your workflow is making you ineffective and you'd want it redesigned now?


Relevant experience from other industries outside healthcare

E.g. do you work outside of healthcare and your user experience changed dramatically in a positive way? Please share takeaways.

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We plan a kick-off #EndKlicksEpidemic meeting in Cambridge, MA at the end of May 2019. If you're a healthcare and/or technology professional interested in participating, please contact us.

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